Setting a New Standard of Care for Brain Disorders

Today, seeking relief for brain disorders such as Autism, Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia is about compromise. The few treatment options that exist are only moderately effective, and bring with them significant side effects. MapLight is on a mission to change that paradigm.

Patients Deserve More


The brain – with its 86 billion nerve cells – is complex. But flooding it with generalized therapeutics to treat highly specific symptoms cannot continue to be the only answer.

Targeted Treatment is Coming


MapLight’s renowned neuroscientists are developing a unique discovery platform that combines cutting edge technologies to uncover the individual circuits that misfire in brain disorders and target those circuits with effective, safe therapeutics that improve patient lives.


The MapLight Platform

MapLight’s novel approach combines proprietary, patented innovations such as optogenetics, STARmap and transcriptomics. Using these strategies, MapLight has developed a strong pipeline of safe, effective therapeutics.

The MapLight Pipeline


With two lead compounds already in clinical trials, MapLight’s treatments demonstrate promise for multiple indications and disorders, including social deficits related to Autism and unwanted movements related to Parkinson’s disease.